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Artsbox is Now Closed

Arts Award are not accepting new registrations for the Artsbox platform. Instead, we have taken the decision to close the platform and signpost advisers to alternative platforms for developing digital portfolios.

If you are a registered user you will have received a notification directly from the Arts Award team about the closure. All data stored in Artsbox will be deleted from the platform on the 25th May, however, Trinity will keep a copy in a secure offline environment until 30th March 2019. If you would like to request that your personal data is deleted before this date, please contact Trinity directly at the enquiries email address below.

The Arts Award team have developed some new guidance on developing portfolios using alternative online platforms. For more information, please visit the Arts Award Blog. Please be advised however that centres are solely responsible for checking that any website or platform they use meets all privacy, data protection and child protection policy standards and requirements in place at your organisation. We have not vetted any of the recommended platforms, so please ensure you carry out your own checks.

If you have any further questions in relation to your Arts Award delivery through Artsbox, please contact us on

Thank you,

The Arts Award team